Our hospitality ministry assists several other ministries within the congregation. They help to provide meals and refreshments for events, those who have had a loss in the family, and those who have been sick. They also help to set up events and to do what they can to welcome those that visit the congregation. 

Carolina Rest Home

Each Sunday a worship service is provided for the residents of Carolina Rest Home. Volunteers from this ministry proved encouragement to the residents through music, Bible study, and sharing the Lord's Supper. 

Individuals also provide communion to those that request it that are homebound.  

Buildings and Grounds

We are blessed to have two buildings, as well as a 25 acre property to maintain. Our building and grounds ministry helps with repairs, upkeep, improvements, cutting grass, and whatever else needs to be done to be the best stewards of the blessings we have been given.  


We seek to be a people of prayer. The power, energy, wisdom, and resources needed to accomplish the tasks set before us requires the Lord's help. Several times during the year we will have set aside times of congregational  prayer. We also have a room set aside for prayer on the 3rd floor. During Sunday morning services someone will praying for souls to be won and spirits to be encouraged.