The elders at First Christian Church serve as shepherds and administrators. Each elder is assigned an area of oversight for the ministries of FCC, they are also assigned a portion of the membership to help shepherd. The elders have administrative oversight over the staff and help to set the vision and direction of the congregation. Elders serve in three year terms of service. 

Shepherding Groups

Steve Hammack Elder; Deacons Robert Conger and Lynn Smith

Those with last names starting with C, D, and N.


Wayne Sanders Elder; Deacons Travis Lyles and David Swink

Those with last names starting with J, S, and W


Jeff Smith Elder; Deacons Steve Booher and Justin Fender

Those with last names starting with A, K, O, P, Q, R and V


Tom Stanfield Elder; Deacon Michael Salanik

Those with last names starting with F, G, L, M, and T.


Kirk Wynne Elder; Deacons Kenny Dickerson and John Nixon

Those with last names starting with B, E, H, I, and Y.

Steve Hammack

Steve helps to oversee the Community Formation areas of ministry, which include Men's and Women's ministries, Buildings and Grounds, and Senior Christian Fellowship.

Steve is married to his wonderful wife, Donna. They have 4 children and 1 grandchild. 

Jeff Smith

Jeff helps to oversee our worship ministry. This includes our praise team, tech team, security, and communion to shut ins. Jeff is also involved with our Raising Arrows men's group. 

Jeff and his wife Melissa have two adult children. They both have a love for music and a gift for compassion. 

Wayne Sanders

Wayne helps to oversee our Discipleship ministries. These include: Sunday School, classes, events, and our prayer ministry.

Wayne is married to his wonderful wife, Debbie. They have two children and 1 grandson, with another on the way. 

Tom Stanfield

Tom helps to oversee the ministry areas of Outreach and Missions. This area includes our Missions team, events, Hospitality, and Benevolence. 

Tom is married to his wonderful wife, Kris. They have 2 children and 1 grandchild. 

Kirk Wynne

Kirk Wynne helps to oversee our Family Ministries. This includes birth through high school ministries, as well as our ministry to parents. 

Kirk and his wife Heather are both heavily involved in our community being leaders in our local schools. They have three children and a passion for helping to cultivate healthy families. 


Deacons at First Christian Church serve as ministry leaders as needed in specific ministries. They also assist in the shepherding process with the Elders. 

Current deacons include: Steve Booher, Robert Conger, Kenny Dickerson, Justin Fender, Travis Lyles, John Nixon, Michael Salanik, David Swink, and Lynn Smith.